Beacons of light emanating from dark recesses was a recurrent image in sleep and wakefulness which became an obsessive vision and gave form to a temple of learning – Meerut Public School. We may undeservedly take the credit for its humble beginning, but for the ultimate realization of the vision we are deeply indebted to the people of Meerut. We are delighted that you are considering MPS for your voyage of discovery and growth. We welcome all candidates who share in our endeavour to create a community where we nurture an intellectual vigour, a quest for excellence informed by the spirit of humanism and the genuine celebration of diversity that reflects a fusion of our heritage and contemporary insights.
Learning by inquiry, exploring and experiencing, rather than by rote.

Mastering technology, by managing it for every day applications.

Learning to cope with life, its crests and troughs.

Aiming for success, unbounded.

In failure, moulding better human beings, striving to build a better world.