If we look back to the humble beginning of Meerut Public School 30 years ago, we can stop and ask ourselves the question- "Have we accomplished our mission or do we still have a long way to go?"

What was our Mission? To mould and educate children who are morally upright and successful? To churn out individuals with a global perspective, cross cultural awareness and an understanding of international issues? Or to educate children in such a manner that every child grows into a young adult with multiple skills, emerging as a recognizable global citizen with an underlying Indian cultural ethos?

We set out with probably a very simple, basic mission -To educate children. Period.

If we garnered varied facets along our journey, it only signified growth. And growth in leaps and bounds is what has taken place here at Meerut Public School. We are now a group of schools - 7 in all and still growing! 13,000 children enter the portals of our institutions every day.

So what is our mission now? To touch Greater Heights, to move forward with zeal, to work towards professional excellence! We will achieve results not by accident but by consistent and concerted efforts. And for that we have our team which is integrated, unified and solid as a rock- The Management, the Staff Members and the Parents. Together we will keep the flag of MPS flying high.