Ambedkar Jayanti Celebration

Ambedkar Jayanti was celebrated with a special assembly to honour the birth anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the principal architect of the Indian Constitution and a champion of social justice and equality. The event aimed to educate students about Dr. Ambedkar's contributions to Indian society and inspire them to uphold his values. The principal addressed the assembly, highlighting the significance of Ambedkar Jayanti and Dr. Ambedkar’s pivotal role in shaping modern India. She spoke about his tireless efforts to eradicate social discrimination and his enduring legacy as a leader, scholar, and reformer.
The student delivered a speech on the relevance of Dr. Ambedkar’s teachings in contemporary society. The speech emphasized the importance of education, equality, and justice, urging fellow students to embody these principles in their daily lives. The Ambedkar Jayanti special assembly at was a heartfelt tribute to a great leader and a meaningful educational experience for the students, fostering a deeper appreciation for the values of equality, justice, and perseverance.