Yearly Planner 2017-18

School Reopen. (Half Day) 1st April
Ram Navmi (Holiday) 5th April
World Health Day (Special Assembly) 7th April
Welcome Party (K.G) 8th  April
Mahavir Jayanti (Holiday) 9th  April
Calligraphy (Vl-VIll) 10th  April
Tahle Dodging (I-V) 10th  April
Huzrat Ali Birthday 11th  April
Baisakhi 13th  April
Ambedkar Jayanti (Holiday) 14th  April
Good Friday (Holiday) 14th  April
Poster Making (Vl - VIII) 17th  April
Earth Day (Special Assembly) 22nd April
Inter House Hindi Debate Competition (IX - X) 22nd April
English Recitation ( K.G) 24th April
Investiture Ceremony 29th April
Labour Day Celebration 1st  May
Bulletin Board Competition (Nur-XII) 2nd  May
Meeting of Council Members OO-XID 2nd  May
Mother's Day (K.G) 5th  May
Poster Making theme based (1- V) 5th  May
Hindi Poem Recitation CVI- VUI) 6th  May
World Red Cross Day 8th  May
Budh Purnima (Holiday) 10th  May
PTM (Half Day) 15th  May
Summer Camp begins 16th  May
Extra Classes (X – XII) 16th  to 31st  May
Closing of Summer Camp 30th  May
Work Shop for Teachers (Junior Section) 22nd to 30th  May
Summer Vacation begin 31st  May
World Environment Day 5th  June
Plantation Drive 5th  June
World Population Day 11th  June
World Yoga Day 21st  June
Id-Ul-Fitr 26th  June
School Reopens 1st  July
Spellathon (I-V) 8th  July
Beach Party (KG) 8th  July
Founder's Day Celebration 12th  July
Qualifying Exams (X / XII) 13th  July
Crossword Solving (Vl-VIII) 15th  July
Finger Puppets (K.G) 17th  July
Shivratri (Holiday) 21st  July
Origami Competition (I - VITI) 22nd  July
Inter House Basketball Tournament 24th  July
Dental Checkup (Primary Section) 24th  July to 27th July
PTM (Half Day) 29th  July
Shloka, Doha Pratiyogita (VI -VIII) 31st  July
Raksha Bandhan (Holiday) 7th  August
Inter House Laghu Natika Competition (IV - V) 11th  August
Inter House Patriotic Song Competition (VI - VIII) 12th  August
Janamasthami 15th  August
Independence Day 15th  August
Patriotic Song Competition (IX-XlI) 15th  August
Fireless Cooking Yummy Tummy (l-lll) 19th  August
ENT Checkup (Junior Section) 21st to 25th August
Ganesh Chaturthi 25th  August
Band Writ:ng Competition (KG) 25th  August
Inter House Volley Ball Competition 2nd   August
PTM 31st  August
Id -Ul-Zuha (Holiday) 2nd  Sept
Dance Competition (I-V) Twist & Twirls 3rd Sept.
Teachers' Day/ Anant Chaturdashi
World Literacy Day
Counseling Session (X-Xll)
5th Sept.
8th Sept.
7th Sept.
Story Enactment (KG) 8th Sept.
Hasya Kavi Sammelan (VI-VIII) 9th Sept.
Hindi Saptah 10th Sept.
Road Safety Drive 11th Sept.
Mid Term Exams begin 14th Sept.
Drawing Competition (1- V) 23rd Sept.
Durga Ashtami (Holiday) 28th Sept.
Maha Navmi (Holiday) 29th Sept.
Dussehra (Holiday) 30th Sept.
International Day of Elderly 1st  October
Muharram 1st October
Gandhi Jayanti (Holiday) 2nd  October
Inter House English Debate Competition (IX - XlI) 4th  October
Valmiki Jayanti (Holiday) 5th  October
Inter School Basketball Tournament 7·9th  October
Fancy Dress - KG 7th  October
Diya I Lantern I Rangoli Competition (I-VIII) 13th  October
Annual School Exhibition 14th  October
PTM(Result Declaration) 14th  October
Dhanteras 17th  October
Narak Chaturdashi (Holiday) 18th  October
Deepawali (Holiday) 19th  October
Govardhan (Holiday) 20th  October
Bhai Dooj (Holiday) 21st  October
Veg I Spray Painting (K.G) 23rd  October
Annual Function 25th  October
Chhatt Puja 26th  October
Educational Trip 28th  October
lnter House English Extempore Competition (IX.XII) 3rd Nov.
Guru Nanak Jayanti 4th Nov.
Inter School English Debate Competition 7th Nov.
Inter House G.K Competition (IX-X) 11th Nov.
Fun Races (I-ll) 14th Nov.
Children's Day, Toy Party (K.G) 14th Nov.
Children's Day (Special Assembly) (IX·XII) 14th Nov.
GK Quiz (Vl-VIll) 25th Nov.
English Declamation (lll- V) 27th Nov.
Marathon (XI-XII) 28th Nov.
Work Shop for Teachers (Senior Section) 30th Nov.
Id-UI-Milad (Holiday) 1st Dec.
Creative Writing (I -XII) 28th Dec.
Pre Board for (X / Xll) 8th Dec.
English Extempore (VI-VIII)
Human Rights Day
9th Dec.
10th Dec.
Craft Making (KG) 16th Dec.
Christmas  Celebration 22nd Dec.
Christmas (Holiday) 25th Dec.
PTM 30th Dec.
Winter Break Begins 1st Jan.
School Reopens 11th Jan.
Lohri 13th Jan.
Makar Sankranti 14th Jan.
Mock Board (X I XII) 15th Jan.
Army Day 15th Jan.
Indoor Treasure Hunt (KG) 16th Jan.
Basant Panchami 22nd Jan.
Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti 23rd Jan.
Chips and Bytes (I-VIII) 24th Jan.
Syllabus Completion (XI) 25th Jan.
Republic Day 26th Jan.
Origami(Paper Folding) K.G 27th Jan.
Martyrs' Day 30th Jan.
Farewell 10 Class XU 31st Jan.
Community Service (I -XII) 3rd Feb.
Extra Classes (XlI) 5th Feb.
Visit to Industry 6th Feb.
Name Spelling Game (K.G) 7th Feb.
Career Counselling (X) 6th Feb.
Syllabus Completion (I-XI)/ Ravi Das Jayanti 10th Feb.
Maha Shivratri (Holiday) 13th Feb.
Break Up Party (K.G) 20th Feb.
SA-II (I-IX and XI) 26th Feb.
Holika Dahan (Holiday) 1st  March
Holi (Holiday) 2nd March
Gudi Padwa (Hindu New Year) 18th March
Ram Navmi (Holiday) 24th March
PTM & Result Declaration 26th March
Syllabus Bifurcation for session 2018 - 2019 27th March
Good Friday 28th March

Note : SAII for IX and X as per CBSE Schedule.


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Chips n Bytes


Movie Bonanza


Laurel's Won


Proud Achievements


World Literacy Day


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