Pre Nur-UKG Girls- Denim Tunic. White Band, Blue Shoes, White Socks with stripes, School Bag. Weekly
Napkin, White tic-tac clip.

Pre Nur-UKG Boys- Denim Shorts, White T'shirt, White socks with stripes. School Bag, Weekly Napkin.

Winter Pre Nur-UKG (Girls /Boys)
Red Tracksuits, Red cap, Red gloves. Blue Pdo-Neck, Skivies.

Summer (Girls /Boys -VIII)
1 Grey tunics with logo on it / Trousers (Short Pants till Class V only.)
2. White Blouse/Shirt (Tie Collar, Half Sleeves) with logo & buttons on it.
3. School Tie and Belt.
4. Grey Socks.
So Crew Cut Hair / Light Blue Patka / Turban for Boys.

Summer (Girls IX)
1. Salwar-Kameez as per the designated pattern available with the authorized uniform maker.
2. Black Shoes, Grey Socks.

On Wednesday and Saturday
1. Salwar-Kameez (white) of the authorized school pattern.

Winter (Girls / Boys I-IX)

1. Grey Trousers.
2. White Shirt (Tie Collar, Full Sleeves) with logo & school buttons on it.
3. School Tie & Belt.
4. Grey Socks.
5. Black Shoes with Straps / Oxford Pattern Shoes.
6. Navy Blue Pullover ('V' Neck Plain).
7. Navy Blue Polo Neck Skivy (I -IX)
8. Navy Blue Blazer (Single Breast. Two Buttons, School Crest).
9. White Ribbon / Hair Band for Girls.
10.Crew Cut Hair / Light Blue Patka / Turban for Boys.
11. Caps Navy Blue (If required)

Wednesday & Saturday (Boys- I to IX & Girls- I to VIII)

1. While Box Pleated Skirts / Trousers(Short Pants for Boys I to V).
2. House T-Shirts (From Class I onwards)
3. School Belt.
4. While Socks (Knee Length for Girts and Boys till V).
5. White Canvas Shoes.
6. White Ribbon / Hair-Band for Girls.
7. Crew Cut Hair/White Patka/Turban for Boys.

1. White Trousers (Girls and Boys I - IX)
2. School Tie & Belt.
1. White Canvas Shoes & White Socks.
4. Navy Blue 'V' Necked Plain Pullover.
5. Navy Blue Polo Neck Skivy (Junior Section)
6. Navy Blue Blazer (Single Breast. 2 Buttons. School Crest)
7. Navy Blue Caps / Scarves & Mufflers.
8. White Ribbon / Hair-Band for Girls.
9. Crew Cut Hair/ White Patka/ Turban for Boys.

1. Colour of Grey Trousers must be Worsted Grey.
2. It is mandatory for students·to be neatly turned out in School Uniform while entering the school Premises.
3. Nursery-UKG Uniform as per the authorized pattern - available at the School Uniform Store.

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