Kranti Diwas

Kranti Diwas is observed to remember the historic day of May 10, 1857 and pay tribute to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to liberate their country from the shackles of the British rule.
Amidst global crisis, MPSiets never miss an opportunity to portray their flag-waving patriotic sentiments.
On the occasion, the young Bairns rekindled the spirit of patriotism and remembered our great freedom fighters by being attired in their attires. 
Young enthusiastic children beaming with joy, looking all confident, were dressed beautifully in attires of various freedom fighters. They projected their character very well. The students of Class 3 intoned a jingoistic metrical composition.
The students of Middle and Senior Wing turned into fervid writers and committed to papers and put their feelings and facts down in black and white.
Through these activities, the MPSiets  gave a tribute to our freedom fighters because of whom we are breathing in an Independent India.