New Session Begins (Half Day)                                                           2nd April
Hat Making Activity (Pre. Nur.- UKG)                                         6th  April   
World Health Day (Special Assembly)            7th  April
Welcome Party (Pre. Nur.- UKG)                                                           10th April
Inter House Board Décor                                                                         11th April
Baisakhi Celebration (Pre. Nur.- UKG)                                   12th April
Baisakhi                                           13th April
Peep into the Bag (Pre. Nur.- UKG)                                            14th April
World Heritage Day (Special Assembly)                                               16th  April
Slogan Writing (Class VI-VIII)                18th April
Earth Day (Special Assembly)                                                                   20th April
Earth Day                                                                  21st April
World Book Day (Special Assembly)                                                             22nd April
Puppet Show (Pre. Nur.- UKG)                               23rd April  
Punctuation Activity (Class I & II)                          26th April   
Investiture Ceremony                                        27th April
Puppet Show (Pre. Nur.- UKG)                                         28th April   
Buddha Purnima (Holiday)                                          30th April   
World Labour Day                                                           1st May
Mango Party (Pre. Nur.- UKG) 2nd May
School Inspection Day                                                 4th May
Mom’s Kitchen (Pre. Nur.- UKG)     7th May
Pool Party (Pre. Nur.- UKG)            9th  May
Holiday Homework Distribution                10th May   
God’s Gift – Maa (Pre. Nur. – UKG)                                                   11th May
Verb Relay Act (Class I & II)            12th May
Vowel Chimes Activity (Pre. Nur.- UKG) 14th May
PTM/ World Family Day        15th May      
Summer Camp Begins/ Extra Class Begins (Class IX-X)        16th May      
International Bio Diversity Day        22nd May      
Common Wealth Day              24th May      
World No Tobacco Day                    31st May      
World Environment Day 5th June
World Blood Donor Day                          14th June
Father’s Day 18th June
International Yoga day            21st June
School Reopens                                        2nd July
Periodic Assessment-I Begins           3rd July
Clay Modelling (Pre. Nur. – UKG)             6th July
Physical Literacy (Pre. Nur. –UKG)           9th July
Periodic Assessment-I Ends 10th July
World Population Day (Special Assembly ) 11th July
Recitation Competition Hindi (Pre. Nur. – UKG) 13th July
Origami (Pre. Nur. –UKG) 20th July
PTM & Exhibition 21st July
Tuck Shop (LKG-Class II)      23th July
Story Book Reading Activity (Class I & II )        26th July
Jewellery Making Competition (Class III –V)     28th July
GK Quiz (Class V1 – VIII )           31st July
Exploring Water Animals (Pre. Nur. –UKG)                                         1st Aug
Friendship Bracelets Making Activity (Class I & II)                    4th Aug
International Friendship Day (Special Assembly)                                 4th Aug
International Friendship Day                                             5th Aug
Shivratri (Holiday)                                            9th Aug
Patriotic Song Act (Class I & II)                               10th Aug
International Youth Day                                       12th Aug
Tribute To Freedom Fighters (Pre. Nur. –UKG)                           14th Aug
Independence Day Celebration                        15th Aug
Story Telling (Class I –III)                                                                    18th Aug
Eid-Ul-Zuha                                               22nd Aug
Rakhi Making Activity (Class I-VIII)                                                          23rd Aug
Raksha Bandhan                                                             26th Aug
Story Narration (Pre. Nur. –UKG)                            30th Aug
Lampshade Making Activity (Class IV- VI)                  31st Aug
Computer Quiz (Class V- VIII)                                                                    25th Aug
English Debate Competition (Class IX- X)                                   29th Aug
Janmashtmi Celebration          1st Sept
Janmashtmi (Holiday)   2nd Sept
Teacher’s Day Celebration      5th Sept
Ganesh Chaturthi 6th Sept
Shloka Reciting (Pre. Nur. –UKG) 7th Sept
World Literacy Day & Hindi Debate Competition        8th Sept
Sorting Pet, Wild & Farm Animals (Nur. –UKG)          11th Sept
Hindi Diwas         14th Sept
Mid Term Exam Begins          15th Sept
Moharram/ International Day of Peace & Non Violence 21st Sept
Mid Term Exams End 25th Sept
All about Wardrobe (Nur. –UKG) 28th Sept
Gandhi Jayanti Celebration 1st Oct
Gandhi Jayanti (Holiday)        2nd Oct
Show & Tell Activity (Nur.-UKG) 3rd Oct
Pattern Making Activity (Pre. Nur. –UKG) 4th Oct
School Inspection Day   6th Oct
Indian Air Force Day (Special Assembly) 8th Oct
Transportation Activity (Pre. Nur. –UKG)          11th Oct
PTM 13th Oct
Ramayana Enactment (Class I & II) 15th Oct
World Food Day 16th Oct
Healthy Food Activity (Pre. Nur. -VIII) 16th Oct
Dusshera Break 17th-19th Oct
Valmiki Jayanti 24th Oct
Halloween Party (Class I –V) 27th Oct
English Elocution Competition (Class VIII-X) 31st Oct
English Recitation (Pre. Nur. – UKG) 1st Nov
English Hand Writing Competition (Class I & V) 2nd Nov
Competitions Related to Diwali (Making of Diya,Thali,Rangoli) 5th Nov 
Diwali Celebration         5th Nov
Diwali Break 6th-9th Nov
International Science Day 10th Nov 
Adventure Camp (Pre. Nur. – UKG)                10th Nov
Science Quiz 13th Nov
Children’s Day Celebration 14th Nov
Concept of Measurement (Pre. Nur. – UKG)       15th Nov
International Day of Tolerance 16th Nov
Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebration 22nd Nov
Guru Nanak Jayanti (Holiday)          23rd Nov
Annual Sports Day        30th Nov
World AIDS Day ( Special Assembly) 1st Dec
Fruit Fiesta (Pre. Nur. – UKG) 4th Dec
Street Play (Class VII-IX) 6th Dec
Human Rights Day/ Periodic Assessment –II Begins     10th Dec
Reading Sentences (KG) 13th Dec
National Energy Conservation Day 14th Dec
Periodic Assessment –II Ends           17th Dec
Save Water Activity (Pre. Nur.-V) 20th Dec
Christmas Activity        21st Dec
English Debate Competition (Class IX –X)         22nd Dec
Christmas Day Celebration     24th Dec
Christmas Day     25th Dec
Furniture In The House Activity (Pre. Nur. – KG)                  27th Dec
Maths Quiz (Class VI-IX)                 28th Dec
PTM  29th Dec
Winter Break  Begins 1st  Jan
School Reopens             11th Jan
Lohri (Special Assembly) 11th or 12th Jan
Lohri 13th Jan
MakarSankranti/ Pre- Board (Class X) Begins 14th Jan
Army Day (Special Assembly)         15th Jan
Patriotic Song Act (Class III & IV)   23rd Jan  
National Girl Child Day 23rd Jan
Pre- Board (Class – X) Ends   24th Jan
Flag Making Activity (Pre. Nur.-UKG) 25th Jan
Republic Day 26th Jan
Gaiety Games (Pre. Nur.- UKG)       30th Jan
Martyr's Day 30th Jan
School Inspection Day 6th Feb
Kite Decoration (Pre. Nur. –UKG) 8th Jan
Book Mark Marking Activity (Class I- IV) 9th Feb
Basant Panchami (Special Assembly)        10th Feb
Drawing Competition (Class LKG- II)                 12th Feb
Founder's Day Celebration      18th Feb
Exploring the Scientific World (Pre. Nur. –UKG) 27th Feb
National Science Day 28st Feb
World Disabled Day & Consumer’s Day 15th March
Holika Dahan (Holiday)          20th March
Holi (Holiday)      21st March
World Forestry Day      21st March 
World Water Day          22nd March

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