Stay home, Stay safe!

In this pandemic situation,the need of the hour is to reverse the  famous proverb"United we Stand Divided we Fall." 

 It's rather more apt to say-

"Divided We Stand
United We Fall."

Yet the entire team of MPS VedvyasPuri stands United to fight against Covid-19.

Tough times don't last But tough people and tough organizations do!!

The Management, Principal, Staff, Students and Parents of MPS Vedvyas Puri have vowed that these trying times won't be a hinderance in the learning process.

As the world is -Working from Home so are our students -Studying from Home. VedVyas Puri began its virtual classes to make sure that MPSiets are involved creatively and academically.

We at VedVyas Puri believe that the only thing more contagious than a virus is hope!!

We wish and pray that

May God extend grace greater than the harsdship!!