International Labor Day 2020

"From field to field and desk to desk, Your hard work and dedication are what makes the Nation best.”
At Meerut Public School, Vedvyaspuri it is our constant endeavor to ensure that our students grow up to be empathetic human beings who are high on emotional quotient. The School celebrated Labour Day on 1 May 2020, to inculcate respect for all the members of society and value them for the contribution they make.
The Kiddiewinks moulded handcrafted varicoloured Labour Tools. 

The students of Primary Wing were apprised with the history and the significance of May Day.
They expressed their views on a role of Labour in our lives in a parnasian aspect. The students of Middle and Senior expressed gratitude towards the School support staff and reiterated the fact that their contribution is an important aspect of their life. They made beautiful handmade cards for the nannies, drivers, and conductors which touched everyone's heart. 

They expressed their sincere gratitude towards them by thanking and applauding them for their continuous support. Cheerful faces and colourful thank you cards appreciated the hard toil of the workers put in by them throughout the year.

The students of senior wing displayed their concern towards the Ancillary Staff in an activity  preparing a short movie on this Labour Day. 

They raised awareness to be compassionate towards them in this tough time and not deduct their salaries as all of them toiled hard throughout the year.