"Flower will not grow, if the stem doesn't allow".

Think of yourself as a gardener and your child as a tender sapling that needs protection, watering, nourishment and nurturing, so that it can grow and bloom to its full potential.

Children will blossom according to their inherent quality therefore we must encourage them to do what they are good at and what they are interested to do.

In our educational system we at MPS encourage each child to discover their passion.

It’s the discovery of what directions they will take in life and what the purpose of their actions will be and where they would choose to dedicate their energy.

We believe in giving our children “ROOTS”- giving them a feeling of belongingness and being loved, of being rooted and grounded so that a feeling of security and confidence is inculcated in them which will further make our own children sparkle.
Education is undoubtedly a never ending process. It is our endeavour to educate our children with a lot of love because that’s the fundamental need of every child. 

MPS is all about imparting quality education with a lot of love, comfort, security, lots of fun and games and affection - so that our babies are prepared to take as many steps as they want to reach greater heights in life with pride.

Vikramjeet Singh Shastri
Managing Director
Ketiki Singh Shastri

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