Republic Day Celebration

To add the colours of glory and strength to the pleasant morning of 25 January 2020, the school celebrated the 71st Republic Day with full zeal and enthusiasm to make it a grand success. The celebration commenced with a cascade of incredible performances as the audience evoked national zeal to the mellifluous medley 'Hindustan mein rehne wala' that perfectly painted the portrait of the multi-lingual and secular India. The poignant act ‘Swadesi Apnao, Desh Bachao' aptly and  beautifully illustrated the power and impact of make in India. The exuberating programme culminated with a Contemporary Dance performed by the students of Middle Wing. The final Event "Making of Modern India" portraying the Framing of the Constitution of India was a cherry on the cake; the young thespians mesmerised everyone with their brilliant acting skills.

Addressing the students, Ms. Bela Chadha, School Principal highlighted that everyone should unite to make India- a better and stronger India.

On 26 January 2020, the entire strength of staff assembled in the ground and stood in rapt attention as the Principal, Ms. Bela Chadha with pride unfurled the tri-colour loaded with rose petals and the National Anthem subsequently echoed in the entire campus.