Inter-House Volleyball Competition

Keeping in view the holistic development of the students, an Inter-house volleyball match (for senior group boys of MPS Vedvyaspuri) was organised on 6 November, 2019. All players were enthusiastic for their matches. They were committed to excel for their respective houses. The day began with the volleyball match between the teams of  Aryabhata and Vivekananda House. Both the teams were equally tough and furnished with talented players. In which Aryabhata House turned out to be the clear 
winner. The second match was played between the teams of Kalam House and Tagore House. In these two houses also, the fight was very tough. The contest between the two teams was a nail biting one. But finally, it was Kalam House which turned out to be the winner. In this inter-house volleyball competition, Aryabhata topped all the four house. It bagged the first place whereas Kalam House stood at second place. The Principal, Ms. Bela Chadha gave a whole hearted support to the students. The coaches Ms. Pretty Sirohi and Mr. Shyamal Singh bucked up and motivated the participants. In this competition MPSiets proved that it is not winning every time that matters, but it is all about the spirit of participation and will to win that actually matters.