Celebration Of Bond Of Love (Rakshabandhan)

Raksha Bandhan is a precious and pious occasion to celebrate the beauty of love between brother and sister. The tradition of tying a holy thread, ‘Rakhi’ around the wrist of brothers by their sisters symbolizes Raksha (protection). On 9th August, 2019 a competition of Rakhi making was organised at Meerut Public School, Vedvyaspuri.

The event started with introductions and an informative session by Class VII-A where the values and history of Raksha Bandhan festival were explained. Students of standard V-VIII got a chance to participate in this competition. This Rakhi making competition was a joyful and sanctimonious event. The main reason behind this competition was to celebrate and depict the precious relationship of brothers & sisters.
In this creative & innovative competition, all the students participated with a great joy and zeal. Students used unique materials such as tiny mirrors, cotton balls, stickers, etc. to present their creativity in the most exquisite manner. The rakhis made the participants were creative and portrayed the artistic perspective of the students. The verve and vivacity exhibited by the students were really perceivable. This artistic talent of the tender buds did magnetize the attention and attraction of every audience present there. The competition showed a number of colourful and creative rakhis, made by the participants.