Inter-House Doha Vachan Competition

Meerut Public School,Vedvyaspuri organised an Inter House Doha Vaachan

Pratiyogita event on 1st August, 2019.  An atmosphere of tranquility and serenity

was created which captivated the listeners.

The students of Classes I-V participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. They were

judged on the basis of 4 rounds-
Round 1: Guess the Poet
Round 2: Recite a Doha
Round 3: Guess the meaning of the doha
Round 4: Guess the meaning of the colloquial word
The students were given 90 seconds to answer the given question.
All  participants enchanted the audience by their performance.

After a tough competition,  Vivekananda House emerged as the winners by scoring

22.5 marks.