Inter-House Sudoku Competition

An Inter House Sudoku Competition was organized for learners of Grades IX, X and XI. It was amazing to see these young champions in Sudoku solve puzzles with great accuracy and speed!

Sudoku is a fun, Japanese puzzle game. It requires the player to fill in the 9×9 square grids with the numbers one to nine. The numbers should be arranged in such a way that each row, column and mini-grid contains one of each number. For solving Sudoku, you don’t need to have any knowledge beforehand — it’s not like a crossword where you have to know trivia. It’s a puzzle that exercises your brain by getting you to think logically about how to place numbers in boxes within a grid. A “good” Sudoku puzzle has only one solution and a single error in a Sudoku throws the whole game out. 

The objective of the event was to build our learners’ critical thinking skills and confidence in their abilities to complete challenging tasks. Learners showcased their extraordinary talent by participating in this Sudoku competition thereby making the atmosphere pleasant.

Himanshi Chandel of TAGORE HOUSE bagged the first position, Tanisha Rajput of ARYABHATA HOUSE got the second position and Aryan Chaprana of VIVEKANANDA HOUSE got the third position.