APRIL 2017  
New Session begins 1 April
Staff Meeting 1 April (Second half)
Acclimatization days 3-8 April
Welcome party(KG) 6 April
World Health Day ( special assembly) 7 April
Filing of nominations for student council 10-15 April
Brain storming (Pri) 15 April
Board Decor(II-XII) 22 April
International Mother Day ( special assembly) 22 April
Elections 24 April
Wortd Day for laboratory Animals (spl. assembly) 24 April
Duniya Rang Rangeeli ( VI to XII) Individual Competition 25 April
Investiture Ceremony 28 April
Day of Remembering victims of chemical warfare
(special assembly)
29 April
International Dance Day( special assembly) 29 April
Ram Navmi 5 April (Holiday)
Manavr Jayanti 9 April (Holiday)
Ambedkar Jayanti 14 April (Holiday)
MAY 2017  
labour's Day Celebration 2 May
Student council meet 3 May (zero period library)
Techno vision (Interhouse seniors) 3 May
Techno Masters (lnterhouse Middle) 3 May
Mother's Day Celebration(KG) 4 May
Surprising Moms(Primary) 4 May
Periodic Subject Enrichment 4-15 May
Remembering Tagore(special assembly) 6 May
School Inspection Day 6 May
PTM (second half) 15 May
Extra classes IX-XII 16 May Onwards
Summer camp 16-20 May
Metamorphosis: Interschool Event
(My city my Initiative)
17 May
Showtime (9-12) 26 May Onwards
World No Tobacco Day ( special assembly) 31 May
Buddha Purnima 10 May (Holiday)
Shaheed Diwas 10 May (Holiday)
Summer vacation 16 May Onwards
JUNE 2017  
Holiday homework  
Holiday book reading  
Project completion  
Creating comic strips 5 June
World Environment day 21 June
International Yoga Day  
JULY 2017  
School reopens 1 July
Staff Meeting 1 July (Second Half)
Student Council meeting 8 July (zero period library)
linguistic Skills
class wise Interhouse VI-XII

8-14 July
Board and Class Decor Competition(II-XII) 11 July
Doha Competition
(class wise KG+PRIMARY)

15 July
Periodic Tests 24 July-1 August
Kanwar Break 17-20 July (Holiday)
Shivratri 21 July (Holiday)
AUGUST 2017  
Cords of Affection (Primary) 2 August
Krishna Leela (KG) 8 August
Patriotic group Dance competition (Housewise:Primary) 9 August
Patriotic group song competition (Housewise:Middle) 9 August
Independence Day celebration 15 August
Culture of our Land (Housewise:Senior) 15 August
Student council Meet 19 August (Zero period-Library)
PTM and Result Declaration 19 August
Science Exhibition(IX-X) 19 August
Raksha Bandhan 7 August (holiday)
Janamashthmi 14 August (holiday)
Inspection Week 4-9 September
Hindi Week (Hindi dept.) 4-9 September
Hindi Debates (Housewise:MID) 4 September
Revision Days 4-13 September
Teachers Day celebration 5 September
Hindi Debate (Housewise:Senior) 6 September
Origami( Primary) 9 September
Mid Term written Assessment 11-23 September
Safety Rules(K.G) 12 September
Food satwik (Individual competition) 25 September
Remembering Eshwar Chand Vidya Sagar
(Special assembly)
26 September
Remembering Bhagat Singh
(Special assembly)
27 September
Bakra EID
Dussehra Break
2 September (Holiday)
28-30 September (Holiday)
OCTOBER 2017  
Remembering Gandhi and Shastri
(special Assembly)
3 October
International Day of the Girl Child (special assembly) 11 October
Board Decor (D-XII) 12 October
School Inspection Day 13 October
Fancy Dress Competition (KG) 14 October
Remembering APJ Kalam (special assembly) 14 October
Result declaration and PTM 16 October
Grafty Notes (Primary) 16 October
Diwali Celebration 17 October
Debate Eng. Senior (Housewise) 30 October
Debate Eng. MID (Housewise) 31 October
Muharram 1 October(Holiday)
Gandhi Jayanti 2 October(Holiday)
Balmiki Jayanti 5 October(Holiday)
Narak Chaturdashi 18 October(Holiday)
Diwali 19 October(Holiday)
Gowardhan Puja 20 October(Holiday)
Bhaiya Dooj 21 October(Holiday)
Interhouse Matches 6-11 November
Children's Day Celebrations 14 November
Educational Trips  
Cartoon making Competition (classwise Pri.) 14 November
Cultural Fest (Inter School Competition) 16 November
International Students' Day (special assembly) 17 November
Periodic Test 18-27 November
International Day for Elimination of violence against Women
(spI. Assembly)

25 November
Guru Nanak Jayanti 4 November (Holiday)
World AIDS Day (special assembly) 1 December
Remembering Rajendra Prasad (special assembly) 4 December
Counseling Sessions  
Sports Day 5 December
Human Rights Day (special assembly) 9 December
Pre-Boards (X and XII) 9-21 December
Celebrating Human Rights Day (special assembly) 9 December
Talent Hunt (KG) 15 December
Go Green (primary) 18 December
Holiday H.W. distribution  
Showtime (KG, Mid, Primary) 22 December onwards
Christmas Celebration 23 December
Table Laying Competition (class wise) 23 December
PTM 30 December
Christmas 25 December(Holiday)
JANUARY 2018  
New Year Day 1 January
Remembering Vivekananda (special assembly) 12 January
Mock Boards(X and XII) 13-22 January
Founder's Day Celebration 15 January
Patriotic Fervour (individual activity) 18 January
Kite decoration (primary) 22 January
Remembering Subhash Chandra Bose (special assembly) 23 January
Mera Bharat Desh (KG) 25 January
Republic Day Celebration 26 January
Board decor (II-XII) 27 January
Calligraphy (individual activity-Pri.) 30 January
Street Children Day (Special Assembly) 31 January
Paying Homage to Gandhiji 30 January(11:00am)
Winter Break 1-10 January(Holiday)
Be a helping Hand (individual activity: Primary) 2 February
Board Practicals  
Inspection Week 12-17 February
Revision Days 15-23 February
Farewell to class XII 17 February
Flower Arrangement competition (ciasswiseVI-XI) 10 February
School Inspection Day 10 February
Story telling (classwise KG) 12 February
PTM 16 February
World Day Of Social Justice (special assembly) 20 February
International Mother Language Day (special assembly) 21 February
Final Written Assessment 24 Feb-12 March
Mahashivratri 13 February(Holiday)
MARCH 2018  
Board Examination  
PTM and Result Declaration 26 March
Holika Dahan 1 March(Holiday)
Holi 2 March(Holiday)
Ram Navmi 25 March(Holiday)
Mahavir Jayanti 29 March(Holiday)


Graduation Party


Sharing Party


French Olympiad


Welcome 2018


Laurels Achieved


Environment Talk


Diwali Celebration


Jagran Sanskarshala


Teej Celebration


Dad Let us Chill


Yoga Day


Summer Camp


Pool Party


Dental Checkup


Yoga Activity


Brain Storming Quiz


Welcome Party


Latest Activity