Founders Day in MPS, Pallavpuram

‘Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, but of moments...’
On Saturday, 27 February, Meerut Public School, Pallavpuram celebrated its First Founders’ Day. It was a time to reflect on the School’s past and those that have helped to shape who we are, and to acknowledge the blessings and support of our Honourable School Management and stakeholders. It’s the ethos and culture of MPS- Group that have influenced the character and values that embody the vibrant, engaging, and safe environment we see today in our school.
We are indebted to the Honourable School Management who had the vision that led to the creation of the school in the year 2020 on 28 February. Our School Management, Advisor Ma’am and stake holders have contributed to the leadership and vision of the school since then.
To celebrate this moment of success and steadfast journey, the day started with traditional Lamp Lighting followed by Hawan, a simple and healthy process to purify the atmosphere, and to keep our spirits high like Agni and developing ethical values in staff and students. Honourable School Management graced the occasion and applauded the efforts of students, parents and staff.
To energize the school ambience with energy and fun, few games for parents and students were also organized. Honorable Shastri Ma’am motivated everyone to move ahead with a positive outlook and blessed us all with lot of peace and prosperity.