Wellness Program

'Choose Joy
Choose to be happy
Choose to Shine'

Wellness simply means blossoming in life in all dimensions - being happy, at ease with yourself and with those around you. MPS Pallavpuram weaved a 'Wellness Program' into teachers' daily schedule from October 1st to October 7th 2020.
Various activities and events that could enhance physical exercise and promote a cohesive, fun environment for teachers were incorporated in the program. The 'Wellness Week' was a perfect balance of Yoga, meditation, games and work.
Teachers witnessed an enlightening and entertaining talk on 'Happiness Quotient' by our School Advisor, Ms. Richa Sharma. The enthusiasm was contagious and soon the entire room echoed with laughter.
Ensuring a 'balanced mental and physical health' for our Maintenance and Admin Staff, a short wellness program was organized for them too. The wellness program left our Teaching and Helping staff relaxed and rejuvenated.