Yearly Planner 2017-18

New Session Begins  1st April 
Acclimatization week for students 4th-8th April 
Board Decor (I-VIII) 4th April 
Rem Navmi (Holiday)  5th April 
Sand Paper Art Activity (Pre-Primary -I) 6th April 
International Day of Sport for Development and Peace  6th April 
World Health Day 7th April 
Happy Children, Happy Children- What does it takes to be happy (Special Assembly) VIII 7th April 
Fresher's Party (Pre-Primary-I)  
Mahavir Jayanti (Holiday)  8th April 
Hindi English Writing Competition (Primary) 9th April 
Baisakhi Celebrations 11th April 
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Jayanti (Holiday)  13th April 
Good Friday (Holiday)  14th April 
Talent Search (Instrumental) 14th April 
Club Activity (English)  15th April 
Advertisement Enactment (II) 15th April 
World Heritage Day  17th April 
Phonics Treasure Hunt (Pre-Primary -I)  18th April 
Our Heritage 'Do We Care Enough' (Special Assembly)(VII)  20th April 
World Earth Day ( Save Earth Tableau)  21st April 
World Book and Copyright Day  22nd April 
English Language Day  23rd April 
World Malaria Day  23rd April 
Show & Tell-Community Helpers (Pre-Primary- I)  25th April 
World Day for Safety and Health at work  27th April 
Cyber Safety ( Special Assembly) (VI) 28th April 
Club Activity (Science)  28th April 
PT.M 29th April 
  29th April
Labour Day  1st May 
Labour Day Celebrations  1st May 
Craft with bottle/ bottle cap (III)  2nd May 
Craft using coconut shell (IV) 2nd May 
Craft with plastic / silver spoon (V) 2nd May 
Rhyme Time (K.G.) 4th May 
Motivation (Shine bright like a diamond) (Special Assembly) 5th May 
Hindi Writing Competition (I & II) 6th May 
Newspaper Activity (Pre -Primary -I) 6th May 
World Red Cross Day 8th May 
Holiday Homework distribution 8th May 
Birthday of Rabindranath Tagore 9th May 
Buddha Purnima (Holiday) 10th May 
Shahid Diwas (Holiday) 10th May 
Card Making - Theme (Mother's Day) (Pre-Primary- I) 11th May 
Messengers of Peace and Harmony ( Special Assembly ) (VIII) 12th May
Poster Making -Theme ( Mother's Day ) (IV) 13th May 
Hindi Poem Recitation (Mothers Day )(VI-VIII) 13th May
Mother's Day 14th May
PIM. (Half Day) 15th May 
Summer Vacation Starts 16th May 
Summer Camp Starts 16th May 
Summer Camp Ends 21st May 
World No Tabacco Day 31st May
Completion of Holiday Homework 1st-30th June 
Holiday Book Reading 1st-30th June
World Environment Day 5th June 
World Oceans Day 8th June 
World Day Against Child Labour 12th June
World Blood Donor Day 14th June
Father's Day 18th June 
World Refugee Day 20th June 
International Day of Yoga 21st June 
International Day against Drug Abuse & illicit Trafficking 26th June
Id-Ul-Far (Holiday) 26th June 
School Reopens for Teachers 30th June 
Summer Vacation Ends 30th June
School Reopens (Teacher's Assembly)   1st July
The Joy of fitness morning camp  4th July
Plastic Bottle Animal Making Activity (Pre-Primary-I) 6th July 
Jago Grahak Jago ( Special Assembly) (V) 7th July
Collage Making Competition - Theme (Nature and Peace) 8th July
World Population Day  11th July
Scholar Badge Ceremony 12th July
Cartoon Party (Pre-Primary-I) 13th July
Railways - The Life Line of India (Special Assembly) (IV) 14th July
Club Activity (Maths) 15th July
Kanwar Break 17th-20th July
Nelson Mandela International Day 18th July
Shivratri (Holiday)  21st July
Grow with Trees (IV –VIII) 22nd July
Kargil Vijay Diwas 26th July
Spell words on Alphabet ( Pre- Primary - I ) 27th July
World Hepatitis Day ( Special Assembly ) (III) 28th July
Club Activity (S.St) 29th July 
International Day of Friendship 30th July
Best Buddies (Pre-Primary-I) 3rd August
Ingredients for Making New Friends (Special Assembly) (V) 4th August 
Club Activity (EV.S.) 5th August
Flute Making Activity (II-IV) 5th August
Matki Decoration (V-VIII ) 5th August
Rakshabandhan (Holiday) 7th August
National Flag Making Competition (I & II) 8th August
Poem - in action (III) 9th August
Fancy Dress Parade (KG.) 10th August
Significance of National Symbols (Special Assembly) (II)  11th August
International Youth Day 12th August
Patriotic solo singing competition (IV) 12th August
Janmashtami (Holiday) 14th August
Independence Day 15th August
Mantra Chanting (Pre-Primary - I) 17th August
Save Plants, Save Animals. Save the Future (Special Assembly)(III) 18th August
Slogan Writing (VI - VIII) 19th August
World Humanitarian Day  19th August
World Humanitarian Day  19th August 
Sanskrit Day 24th August 
Pencil Decoration Activity (K.G.) 24th August 
Doha Vachak Pratiyogita (I - IV)  24th August 
Ganesh Chaturthi  25th August 
P.T.M.  26th August
Club Activity (Sanskrit)  26th August 
International Day against Nuclear Tests 29th August
Say No to Bullying (Special Assembly) (VII) 1st September
Inspection week 1st-8th September 
Id-ul-Zuha (Holiday)  2nd September 
Poem Writing on Teachers (II-IV)  4th September 
Teachers Day  5th September 
International Day of Charity  5th September 
A Day with a Vegetable Vendor (Pre – Primary-I) 7th September 
International Literacy Day  8th September 
SA - I (Tentative) 11th September 
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone layer 16th September 
International Day of Peace  21st September 
World Tourism Day  27th September
Durga Ashtami (Holiday)  28th September
Malta Navmi (Holiday)  29th September
Dussehra (Holiday) 30th September
Moharram (Holiday)  1st October 
International Day of Elderly  1st October 
International Day of Non-Violence  2nd October
Gandhi Jayanti (Holiday)  2nd October 
Mahatma Gandhi Free Hand Drawing and Slogan Writing (V-VIII)  3rd October 
Valmiki Jayanti (Holiday)  5th October
War of the world news-Science versus Spirituality (Special Assembly (V)  6th October
Indian Air Force Day  8th October 
International Day of the Girl Child  11th October 
International Day for Disaster Reduction  13th October 
Speech and Stories from Kalam's life (Special Assembly) (VIII)  13th October 
Club Activity (I.C.T.)  14th October
IIT M  14th October 
Inter House Flower Rangolo Competition (VI-VIII)  14th October 
World Students Day  15th October 
World Food Day  16th October 
Deepavali Break  18th-21st October
Narak Chaturdasi (Holiday)  18th October 
Deepavali (Holiday)  19th October
Govardhan Puja (Holiday)  20nh October 
Bharya Dhooj ( Holiday)  21st October 
United Nations Day  24th October 
Purple Day (Pre- Primacy -I)  26th October 
A Tribute to Brave Women of India( Special Assembly) (VI)  27th October 
Club Activity (English) 28th October
Movie Show (KG.)  2nd November 
Shabd Gyan (Special Assembly )(VII)  3rd November 
Guru Nanak Jayanti (Holiday)  4th November 
Newspaper Activity (Pre- Primary - I)  9th November 
Harmony in Instruments (Special Assembly) (VIII)  10th November 
Club Activity (Maths)  11th November 
Sprout Salad Activity (II-V)  11th November 
Children's Day  14th November 
Inter House Kho-Kho Competition (V-VIII)  15th November 
International Day of Tolerance  16th November 
Managing Emotions (Special Assembly) (IV)  17th November 
Universal Children's Day  20th November 
JAM (Just a Minute Activity) (Pre-Primary-I)  23rd November 
Youth Parliament (Special Assembly) (V)  24th November 
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.  25th November 
Balloon Toss (Act of Balancing) (Pre-Primary -I) 30th November
World Aids Day (Special Assembly) (VI)  1st December 
Id-ul-Milad (Holiday)  2nd December 
World Disability Day  3rd December 
Fish me a word (K.G.)  7th December 
Give a little, Get a lot ( Special Assembly)(III ) 8th December
Club Activity (Science)  9th December 
International Anti-Corruption Day  9th December 
Human Rights Day  10th December 
The Early Bird catches the Community (Special Assembly) (IV)  15th December 
Club Activity (Hindi)  16th December 
Red Day (Pre-Primary-I)  21st December 
Respecting Diversity (Special Assembly) (II)  22nd December 
Santa Mask Making (Pre-Primary -I)  23rd December 
Santa Cap Decoration (I & II)  23rd December 
Crown Decoration (III & IV)  23rd December
Christmas Tree Decoration (Inter House Competition) (V-VIII)  23rd December
Guru Govind Singh Jayanti (Holiday)  25th December 
Christmas (Holiday)  25th December
Jewellery Making Activity (KG.)  28th December 
P.T.M. 30th December
New Year's Day  1st January 
Winter Break  1st-10th January
School Reopens for Teachers  10th January 
School Reopens for Students  11th January 
Lohri  13th January
Makar Sankranti  14th January 
Doll Decoration Activity (K.G.)  18th January 
Sare Jahan Se Acha (Special Assembly) (1)  19th January 
Fancy Dress (Our Great National leaders-A Show) (Pre-Primary-I)  25th January 
Republic Day Celebrations  26th January 
Club Activity (S.St) 27th January
Show & Tell-Recognition of Traffic lights (K.G.-I)  1st February 
Sports in India (Special Assembly) (V)  2nd February 
Inter House Carrom Competition (III-V)  3rd February 
World Cancer Day  4th February 
inspection week  5th-12th February 
Smile Day (K.G.)  8th February 
Festivals of India (Special Assembly) (IV) 9th February
PT M 10th February 
Club Activity (Sports) 10th February 
International Day of Women and Girls in Science 11th February 
World Radio Day 13th February 
Maha Shivratri (Holiday) 13th February 
Founder's Day Celebrations 14th February 
Origami (Paper Folding) (KG.) 15th February 
Inter House Chess Competition (VI-VIII) 17th February
International Mother Language Day 21st February 
The Journey of Ganga (Special Assembly) (VI) 23rd February 
5 A-11 (Tentative) 24th February 
National Science Day 28th February
Zero Discrimination Day 1st March 
Holika Dahan ( Holiday) 1st March 
Holl (Holiday) 2nd March 
World Wildlife Day 3rd March 
International Women's Day 8th March 
International Day of Happiness 20th March 
World Poetry Day 21st March 
World Tuberculosis Day 24th March 
Ram Navmi (Holiday) 25th March 
PT.M & Result Declaration SA-II 26th March 
Syllabus Bifurcation 27th28th March 
Mahavir Jayanti (Holiday) 29th March 
Good Friday (Holiday) 30th March 
Session Break for Teachers 29th-30th March 
School Reopens for Teachers 31st March 
Session Ends 31st March


Eid Celebration


Talent Hunt


World Earth Day


Welcome Party 2019


Orientation Program


Holi Celebration


Graduation Day


Halloween Day


Science Exhibition


Teacher’s Day




Uniform Activity


Alphabet Activity


Year Book Release


Father’s Day


Summer Camp


Mother’s Day


Watermelon Party


Labour Day


Fresher’s Party


Parents Orientation


Graduation Day 2018


Smile Day


Lohri Celebration


News Paper Activity


Movie Show (Kg)


Diwali Celebration


Gandhi Jayanti




Fancy Dress Parade




Best Buddies


Beach Bash


Cartoon Party


Mother's Day


Rhyme Time


Earth Day


Freshers Party


Saviours 12th


Orientation Day


Latest Activity