Mobile App Bridges the Gulf

Making use of technology MPGS Shastri Nagar has introduced App “Snap Homework” for a better communication between teachers & parents
The entire information related to homework, circulars, notices & even Worksheets is now additionally being forwarded to parents on a daily basis through this App which is not only absolutely free but also doesn’t occupy any space in smartphones as the entire data is stored in the “cloud”.
All that the parents need to do is register themselves & a password is then allotted to them. Thereafter whenever they wish they can view all activities at a click.
MPGS Shastri Nagar besides other things has also became the pioneer here too in the city to introduce this system contributing not only in going paperless thereby saving the environment as well as going digital. Highly appreciated by the parents, as it not only updates them of all the happenings in the campus but also acts as powerful reminder Introduced by the sole effort with due support from the management MPS Group Principal Dr.(Mrs.) Mrinalini Anant this app was started as a pilot project and has since been in use now for over a month with stupendous results. The entire teaching fraternity including Hindi teachers are very active.
Saviors the NGO has much appreciated the initiative considering it as an environment friendly motive and a definite and certain step towards modern India. Snap Homework is really helpful for those students who are sick, for all classwork & homework is uploaded & sent on a regular basis to the children. Teachers are posting live videos & information of chapters covered Holiday Homework too is being assigned through this app.
The school has taken absolute precaution in the fact that no parent from any particular financial status feels pressurized to purchase a smart phone to ensure a connect As the school administration puts it as a support and supplement and not a substitute In all Meerut Public Girls’ School Shastri Nagar is yet again ruling the roost in this platform as well.
‘A great help’ ‘something different & good’ are the compliments we are receiving from all quarters on the platform and over 2500 parents have already connected themselves to the school and its working through the application.


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